• Bondero.Creazione di Adamo

    Creazione di Adamo

    155x270 cm, acrylic on canvas. 2010

    Decline of America

  • Bondero.Left


    159x263 cm, acrylic on canvas. 2010

    Decline of America

  • Bondero.White rabbyt

    White rabbyt

    150x450 cm, acrylic on canvas. 2010

    Decline of America

  • Bondero.Authority


    150x230 cm, acrylic on canvas. 2010

    Decline of America

  • Bondero.Kiss me

    Kiss me

    150x200 cm, acrylic on paper. 2010

    Decline of America

The country disappears gradually in front of our eyes. Once the Great America.

Throughout their history Americans tried to create a new global culture based on the perception of the world as a mix of different peoples and ethnic groups. Today it is clear that the attempt of this alchemy is not quite a success. Instead of getting the Philosopher's Stone, there is a defragmentation and a decay of puzzles. The overall picture of the world has been shattered. Instead of globalization America acquired selfish individualism. An attempt to create a new Babylon failed. American is lonesome and he has nothing to say. There are individuals but no humans. The population of America with its pervasive nature of technology is becoming an illusion, a fantasy. A viewer or a user is no longer needed, there is no real demand but ther is a simulation. Where the endless expanses of Woodstock, and insecurity? American dream and Beavis and Bathed? Where is all this?

Now America, the country of pioneers and maniacs, transformed and moved into the virtual space of the Internet. It feels comfortable and confident in the network that holds it captive . But the slow death came in disguise of a well-being. America is lured into a sophisticated and intelligent network, an endless maze of proliferating meanings, which dissolved it in the illusions of false prosperity. The country disappears .. There is nomore of America, it is canceled.

Bondero, 2010