• Bondero.I am Angel

    I am Angel

    150x220 cm, acrylic on canvas. 2009

    Electronical Anarchy

  • Bondero.Technoutopia


    150x270 cm, acrylic on canvas. 2009

    Electronical Anarchy

  • Bondero.Octopus


    110x160 cm, acrylic on canvas. 2009

    Electronical Anarchy

  • Bondero.Slaughter of the innocents

    Slaughter of the innocents

    180x100 cm, acrylic on canvas. 2009

    Electronical Anarchy

  • Bondero.The free radical

    The free radical

    140х99 cm. Acrylic, mixed technic on canvas. 2009

    Electronical Anarchy

Empires silently die, spaces shrink like "La Peau de Chagrin”, money loses its value, the hedonism rules on the fragments of devastated empires. What does the future hold for us? Anarchy?

It is obvious that the society gradually tends to this imperative because of disbalance of ideas and senses. To the anarchy as to the life style. The total decadence reigns everywhere. The management of people is trusted to the machines. The epoch of computers and robots begins, which are to supervise over isolated anarchical community of people.

The tendency of walking on the heads is strengthened. A person lives as a robot programmed to the self-destruction. Joy and sadness, feelings and desires, love and fear - all is replaced by cheap plastic imitation of life. What to do in order not to lose a sense of existence?

The fact of a depressive orientation of a development of our world and attempt to comprehend these phenomena from the point of view of an aesthetics is being established In the project «Electronical Anarchy». Aesthetics of Technodecadence. *

* Tehnodecadence is the style, generated by the author for visual transfer of tendencies which develop the society and art in the beginning of XXI-st century. The basic characteristic features of this style is the comprehension of contradictions of the post-industrial world between such concepts as a technique and an aesthetics, a techno-progress and a beauty. A hopelessness of excessive industrial consumption comes with the loss of the sense of existence, the fast destruction of a natural habitat of a human being. The style reflects perception of the world by artists - residents of the big metropolies from urbanistic-aesthetic perspective.

Bondero, 2009